Make Treaty Medical your first destination for Travel Health

When travelling to a new destination or environment, you must first assess the potential travel health risks before you make the trip. At Treaty Medical, our pre-travel advice and immunisation schedules are based on what is trending in your destination.

While immunisations at a travel vaccination clinic are essential, the larger portion of risk is outside of this, so we focus on both safe travel advice and planning for urgent care should it be needed abroad.

Treaty Medical Practice in Limerick is a member of the Travel Medicine Society of Ireland and Travax®, ensuring we are working with the most up to date information available.

Why Treaty Medical?

  • Pre-Travel Health Check (Optional) From €100*
  • Doctor Consultation €60

    General Travel Health Advice
    The essential first aid kit for travel based on your destination with advice on precautions to take in the locality. Treaty Medical also offers a service for large group excursions with provision of medical packs and instructions on use.
    Immunisation Planning
    Based on your destination and level of risk, you will be presented with the advised vaccination schedule with detailed information on the disease you are being vaccinated against and the vaccine itself. We operate on a basis of informed consent to ensure our patients have clear understandings prior to any vaccine being administered.
    Urgent Care Planning
    An area often overlooked is what to do in the case of care beyond basic first aid. We strongly advise all travellers to have additional health insurance which will provide access to local healthcare of an appropriate standard, or if necessary, evacuation.

  • Vaccine Administration €30


  • Hep A €45
  • Typhoid €40
  • Hep A & Typhoid €75
  • Diphtheria & Tetanus €25
  • Dip, Tet, Polio & Pertussis €40
  • Yellow Fever €65
  • Hepatitis B €35

    (per Injection, 3 dose Schedule)

  • Rabies €90

    (per Injection, 3 dose Schedule)

  • Japanese B Encephalitis €100

    (per Injection, 2 dose Schedule)

  • Others POA
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