Dr Emmet Kerin and Dr Jason McMahon are members of the Primary Care Surgical Association of Ireland. Both have been attached to numerous surgical teams during their hospital training rotations, have further developed their skills and continued their interest in surgical procedures in the primary care setting.

Treaty Medical Centre offers an extensive range of operative procedures:

Excision/biopsy of lesions
  • There may be a lesion you would like to have removed for cosmetic reasons or are concerned about it. We will firstly assess the lesion and determine if it is safe for us to excise it, sometimes we might take a small biopsy of the lesion first.  If we have a stronger suspicion of a pigmented lesion we may refer for a consultant opinion.
Suturing or gluing of lacerations
  • Depending on the location and the extend of a laceration we can close the wound with hidden sutures beneath the surface or use a specialised medical glue to close
Ingrown toenail wedge excisions:
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